Oxford Gold Group Review

Oxford Gold Group is a company that helps its customers to purchase precious metals investments for their retirement accounts. It’s run by industry veterans with years of experience under their belts in this field.

The company does excellent work for its customers and provides the proper services at a low commission price. They even have a fantastic customer service group in place to help their customers at a moment’s notice. They work hard to make sure everyone who does business with them is treated like a partner, and each transaction is of the utmost importance to this excellent organization.

The ownership is incredibly proactive and works within the company helping customers benefit from their recommendations, wisdom, and experience. Customers like working with the owners as well because it tells them that the company cares about them and is willing to work hard on their behalf. This is a big benefit and boon to the organization, which makes it easy for customers to plan and purchase precious metals for their retirement accounts.

Customers are also given the chance to buy precious metals in the physical form on a personal level, meaning outside of her retirement account. Or if they prefer, they can open up a precious metals IRA and by gold and silver as part of their retirement investments.

Customers can purchase gold, silver, or platinum through Oxford Gold Group. They sell these precious metals in the form of coins and bars and they qualify for precious metals IRAs.

More importantly, customers can have their questions answered and concerns met by visiting the website. Download content designed to provide an education, because it teaches buyers all they’ll need to know about the transaction process and more.

Do you plan to buy physical precious metals for retirement? Learn how to get started by continuing with this article below.

Oxford Gold Group Services and Products

The organization offers a number of different products and services to their clientele. Their precious metals are available in coin form including Canadian Maple Leafs, American Eagles, Australian Kookaburras, and other coins.

They sell bars made of gold, silver, and platinum in 10-ounce, 100 ounces, or 1-ounce form.

Right now, the precious metals IRA deposit amount is between $6000-$7000, depending on your age. The tax benefits are tremendous, so adding to your account at this level each year means growing your account exponentially. Distributions are allowed from this account at 59.5 years old or older.

Another distribution rule is the upper age limit. You must begin taking distributions from this account once you reach 70.5 years old. But you don’t have to clear out the account and you can take as much or as little as you want.

From what I can tell about retirement planning, using an IRA account as your vehicle for retirement is great for people that work from home, or a solo entrepreneur, or want another retirement option besides the one their employer offers.

While doing business with the Oxford Gold Group, an investor can start a gold IRA rollover or transfer and move money from their existing retirement account into their new precious metals IRA.

Costs & Fees

For account holders of a precious metals IRA, investors are only required to pay a flat fee for maintenance every year. The maintenance fee depends on how much money and investments are in your gold IRA account. On the lower range, you’ll pay roughly $175 per year. On the higher range, you’ll pay about $275 per year.

This group has partnerships with Strata Trust Company and Equity Institutional already in place, so their custodial services are offered at a flat fee to Oxford customers.

Oxford even likes to give their customers who remain loyal to them rebates for maintenance fees when they have larger accounts. And also depending on the size of the account, they may even provide bigger rebates that last for a longer amount of time. In some cases, customers can get free maintenance and storage for as many as three years if they meet the investment requirement.

Storage fees will also typically run an Oxford Gold group customer between $75-$225 per year, depending on certain factors like segregated storage, co-mingled storage, and the particular company that you end up doing business with. Even more important, they are willing to provide customers with rebates for storage fees for 1-5 years, but investment account size plays a role in this as well.

Oxford never charges their customer shipping fees, which will certainly help individual investors save their hard-earned cash. As you can imagine, they take a small commission on precious metals purchases, which makes sense because they have to earn a living somehow, right?

During the purchasing process, customers are expected to invest a minimum of $7500 in their precious metals IRA. On the other hand, if they are only investing in non-IRA precious metals, they can spend a minimum of $1500.

Oxford Gold Group also provides customers access to their buyback program, which makes liquidating precious metals a cinch when needed.

Oxford Gold Group Precious Metals Investing

No one should be particularly shocked to find out that precious metals are a high-priced commodity that offer excellent value. Nevertheless, investing in a self-directed traditional or Roth IRA usually provides even greater value for investors when buying gold or silver bullion and other metals. The long-term appreciation of these precious metals produces big returns over time.

When doing business with Oxford Gold Group, customers know that they are confidently getting the best help and investments possible for their IRA, because Oxford knows and understands the rules, they have great connections with excellent storage facilities, and their custodians are top-notch.

The majority of people think about buying stocks when they think about investing. And it’s a great strategy, but there is greater value to buying physical precious metals.

What about crashes in the stock market? What about a failing US dollar? Investing in silver and gold protects against negative fallout in these areas.

Regardless, you can stop worrying about unprotected digital transactions or hackers stealing your wealth. Not when you own physical precious metals, they aren’t going to break into a highly protected storage facility with thick vaults protecting your gold, silver, and other metals.

Buying precious metals is the better choice when compared to purchasing diamonds and other gemstones. These gems are often cotton by spilling blood and certain companies have monopoly over them. DeBeers is a good example of a monopolistic company. Buying precious metals is easier and the market is liquid, so you’ll never have trouble selling your investment after it’s accrued greater value.

All precious metals investments gains must be reported to the IRS. Failure to do so could lead to serious tax consequences. You must file Form 8300 and give it to the IRS if you purchase precious metals worth $10,000 or more. Your Oxford Gold group representative will help you with this paperwork.

Opening a Precious Metals IRA the Right Way

The account creation process for a precious metals IRA has been simplified at Oxford Gold group. They made it easier than ever to open the account and have all of the paperwork completed within 15 minutes.

Even better, if you prefer to open the account over the phone, you can begin the IRA rollover right away and have the Oxford representative work with you and take down all of your information within a few minutes.

Once the paperwork is done, they’ll open your new account and you can have it funded within 24 hours.

Oxford will contact your new custodian, initiate the transfer or rollover, and begin the funding process immediately. The whole process from start to finish takes roughly 3-10 days, but occasionally it could take longer if the specialist were to hit any snags.

After the account is activated, an Oxford representative will speak with their new customer to talk about purchasing precious metals, and they’ll teach you how to properly invest in a gold IRA.

Why Should Anyone Purchase Gold for Their Self-Directed IRA?

A precious metals IRA is created to offer a safe and protected way to purchase alternative assets for retirement. This is a special account because there are tax advantages and it provides people with an excellent way to save money for their retirement besides traditional stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

This is an account specifically designed for long-term investing, so you’re expected to add money to this fund every year to maximize your benefits. Your account will grow tremendously over time if you follow this path, which is a reliable way to retire comfortably even when you only begin investing with a minuscule amount of money.

Keeping your IRA account filled with cash as opposed to physical precious metals will limit your potential. As an alternative, you should purchase platinum, gold, and silver investments whenever possible. These assets are dependable and known for their growth capabilities over time.

With all of the problems taking place in the world today like wars, product shortages, inflation, and lockdowns, it’s wise to buy precious metals to offset some of the investing devastation while protecting your assets.

In lieu of seeing your retirement account crumble before your eyes, you can choose prosperity as an alternative by hedging against inflation and protecting against a distressing stock market. Understand your risks and recognize the rewards as well, because having zero protection in place often leads to future economic hardships.

Complaints about Oxford Gold Group

Oxford has received positive praise and high accolades on TrustPilot over the years. Their current rating is 4.9 out of 5 stars. The Better Business Bureau has also rated Oxford Gold Group quite highly. In fact, their overall rating is five out of five stars, and they’ve received only one complaint in all this time.

FAQ for Oxford Gold Group

What Storage Option Should I Use When Buying Precious Metals with Oxford Gold Group?

This all depends on the way you invested. As a gold IRA account holder, your best bet is to work with Brinks or Delaware Depository or another trusted organization. Oxford has connections with these companies and they’ll help you get started with these valuable facilities.

If you’re buying gold investments in a non-IRA fashion, then you can bring the investments home or put them in your safety deposit box if you prefer. You should buy a safe and keep your precious metals stored within if you decide to keep them at home.

With a precious metals IRA, it’s against the rules to bring precious metals home and you aren’t allowed to store them in a safety deposit box either. They must be stored with an approved storage facility.

Is Investing in a Precious Metals IRA a Risky Proposition?

Some investors are led to believe that buying physical precious metals like silver and gold is the riskiest investment in the world. These people tell investors to keep their money in stable investments instead.

Guess what? Investments are never stable. The stock market is in a bear market right now and it’s been selling off for months. Cryptocurrencies are at their lowest levels in years at the moment. Inflation is running rampant and the world’s economy is in shambles. Does any of this sound safe to you? Or does every investment carry some risk?

Precious metals IRA accounts will shore up your portfolio. It’s a long-term strategy for investing and it’s a very good one. Believe it or not, the value of gold has consistently risen by 10% per year on average for the past 52 years.

To explain this better, some years gold might rise 75% in value. Other years, gold might lose 20% in value. But over the course of 52 years, gold has averaged 10% a year, which is a fun nominal return on investment and it’s the reason why you should hold onto gold for the long term.

Which Retirement Accounts Are a Valid Option When Working with Oxford Gold Group?

Investors have access to a few different types of retirement accounts.

They include:

  • SEP IRAs
  • Gold IRA rollovers
  • 401(k) plans
  • Roth IRAs
  • Traditional IRAs

Talk to your Oxford Gold group representative to determine which retirement account best meets your needs.

Do I Need to Find My Own IRA Custodian?

It’s certainly your right and prerogative to look for a custodian on your own, but it isn’t 100% necessary. Oxford Gold Group already has great relationships with STRATA and Equity Institutional, so there’s no need to look any further if you don’t feel like it.

On the other hand, the IRS provides an approved custodian’s list that they keep updated regularly. If you decide to go out on your own to find your custodian, use their list because they must have IRS approval to qualify.

All in all, if you pick your own custodian, check to see if they are on the IRS approval list. Otherwise, if they aren’t on the list, they aren’t the right fit to meet your needs.

Do Gold Prices Fluctuate Regularly?

As a matter of fact, the price of gold is constantly changing throughout the day and night. This commodity never sleeps, or so it seems, so the price can change dramatically throughout the day. Keep this in mind as a gold investor.

Oxford Pros

  • This company specializes in opening precious metals IRA accounts. This is ideal for first-time investors looking to simplify the process.
  • The owners of the company have decades of experience in the precious metals market.
  • Direct-to-consumer secure shipping is provided on all transactions.

Oxford Cons

  • Limited employees handle gold IRA accounts of the companies, so it takes extra time to finish transactions.
  • Customer service isn’t available all day and night on the weekends. It only remains open for a short window of time.

Bottom Line

Oxford Gold Group entered the precious metals market with a bang, because the owners of the company knew that they can help people by using their years of experience to guide them. Plus, they knew how to provide the best products and services at a low price because of their experience.

The owners developed strategic partnerships with IRA custodians and gold storage companies. This simplifies the entire precious metals IRA process from start to finish and makes it easier on new customers.

Would you like to begin investing in a precious metals IRA? Contact Oxford Gold group right away by calling 888-200-5586 to begin your precious metals investing journey.

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